The Gotham Fund for Player Development supports NYC's inclusive rugby club

A separately managed fund supporting long-term expenses of Gotham Knights Rugby Football Club, Inc., a 501(c)(3) charity.

Support excellence and inclusion

The Gotham Fund for Player Development was created by a significant donation by an alumnus of Gotham Knights Rugby Football Club, Inc., a gay/inclusive rugby club in New York City, to support the club's long-term growth and success.

About The Gotham Fund

Supporting Long-Term Goals


Help promote our vision of excellence and inclusion.   Your gift of cash, securities, or a testamentary gift in your will, will be deposited in a separate, designated Gotham Fund account, and used exclusively for the long-term success and growth of Gotham Knights Rugby.

Committed to Inclusion


The Gotham Fund supports Gotham's special status as a place of inclusion, tolerance and excellence, where everyone can be fabulous at rugby.  

Committed to Fiscal Responsibility


The Gotham Fund does not fund Gotham's day-to-day expenses.  Account signatories Toby Butterfield and Ted Perkins only authorize payments for the club's long-term growth, such as top level coaching, and exceptional expenses such as travel for championships and the Bingham Cup.