What The Gotham Fund Does

Funding Long-Term Goals

The Gotham Fund is a separately-managed savings account supporting Gotham Knights' long-term expenses.  Its goal is to preserve Gotham's uniquely inclusive and supportive environment for rugby players of every background, race, age, sexual orientation and nationality.  Gotham was formed to support participation by gay men and other underrepresented populations, but Gotham transcends being a "gay team" by ensuring that everyone is welcome.  Gotham rejects traditionally-expected roles and behaviors, to help free everyone from society's preconceived expectations.  

Financial need should not prevent anyone from participating and pursuing excellence in rugby.  The Gotham Fund helps pay for :

travel expenses for those who cannot otherwise afford to attend regional and national playoffs and international tournaments such as The Bingham Cup; 

coaching expenses; and 

other expenses beyond normal day-to-day rugby club expenses.

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The Gotham Fund is committed to transparency in how Gotham spends its funds.  As a 501(c)(3) charity, Gotham's tax returns are open to the public.  Check us out on 

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